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harvest moon shield

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Coyote on September 3, 2013 at 11:21 am
watercolor aceo c9/2013

watercolor aceo c9/2013

Coyote tells us to be mindful of our actions.

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  1. Precious in every sense.

  2. Love the interplay of moon and shield!

  3. Beautiful, Gretchen.

  4. Love the distant, pensive gaze and the glow of the moon-shield.

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  6. You are amazing. I’m going to own one one day. Poor as a church mouse, owned by husband & can’t work right now. But someday…

    • Oh yes. I’m poorer than a Church mouse and no husband. What keeps on growing is my gratitude which is greater and more lasting than anything else. You might be surprised at just how inexpensively these little paintings sell. They start in ebay auction for $9.95. Sometimes they sell for the starting price and sometimes they increase to over $50. A buyer can drop out of the bidding when it gets too pricey.

      • i have a husband, but i’ve been out of work for over a year (broken hip & surgeries & co-pays & deductibles…) & seldom spend his money on things for just me. pride. however, when i return to the working world, i promise to shop your ebay store & decorate my studio with my favorites. ~amy

      • I bet your injury changed your life a lot. I wish you good fortune finding a job when you are ready. Oh and pride……I have more than a bit of that too.

      • it is pride combined with bravado & fear. i dislike being dependent on someone. my injury sucks, but i’m almost done. i will be better then i was since it all began in 2007.

      • Me too. 2007 That’s a long time. Many blessings.

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