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Cone of Shame photo

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Photo didn’t seem to publish along with the narrative so here it is. A picture is worth a thousand words……


The cone of shame

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Maus had surgery last Tuesday. She had a fast growing tumor on her lower eye lid that manifested in about ten days so I thought to have it checked out. Surgery was in order. She must keep this ‘Elizabethian collar’ on until we get to San Jose. Day after we arrive I must locate a vet to have the stitches removed. The cone has impared her navigational skills. She is kinda like a cat with it’s whiskers cut off. She bumps into furniture, trees and me and Buddha. Maus has been a real trooper about wearing this cone. What a good dog.

Australian adventure

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I just finished a commission for a lovely Austrailian yogo instructor. These animals are meant to represent the four directions. I loved painting these creatures….some of which are indigenous to Australia.

'WEDGETAIL EAGLE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0003

Wedge Tail Eagle

''RED KANGEROO' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0007

Red Kangeroo

'BLACK SNAKE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0001 2

Red Bellied Black Snake

'HUMPBACK WHALE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0005

Humpback Whale