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ghost wolf

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watercolor 10/2016

watercolor 10/2016

There are wolves who call the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia their home. 90% of their diet is from the sea and they swim miles between the islands of the  Pacific Northwest. They are very elusive just like the spirit bears who live on the same islands and are so rarely seen by man. Their DNA is different from their larger mainland wolf cousins and they are a reddish brown color. They move like ghosts along the shoreline. It would seem that these little seen wolves have something in common with the white spirit ravens and the white spirit bears who also live in the same area.

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Budding Artist

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This is my grandson Noah. He painted with me today. It was a mix of artist and mad scientist. He was all into seeing what tools and water could do. It was fun. He has an art box at my house now.

Hungry i

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Maus and Buddha waiting for something to drop. This took place in my daughter’s kitchen last Sunday. Whenever I let the dogs disembark from my car when visiting my daughter and family they race for the front door of the house. Kaitlin always prepares juicy meat dishes and that fragrance of fat and spices permeates the air. Drives the pups crazy and they know that she is going to slip them morsels in the kitchen. I think this is their favorite destination ever.