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watercolor 12/2021

“Silence is the absolute

poise or balance of

body, mind and spirit.”


I discovered deep silence within me when, as a child, I became a solitary woods walker. I would disappear for the entire day into the woods so that I could live in Nature’s peace. Never was I disappointed. Stillness surrounded me and nourished my being. Sitting by the creek my mind disappeared into the song of the flowing stream. Having access to the stillness of Nature soothed my emotional pain. Today Nature is still my go to  portal into the peace of the soul. I encourage anyone who has not experienced the forest as a healing tool to open to it. Travel there alone and with no devices and just breathe. Let your mind rest and feel the relief. Love and light, g



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watercolor 11/2021

This is how I would die

into the love

I have for you:

as pieces of cloud

dissolve in sunlight


Rumi…the master poet….the describer of that deep love which arrives when we give up our self. My favorite poet.


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watercolor 10/2021

When your world moves too fast

and you lose yourself in the chaos,

introduce yourself

to each color of the sunset. 

Reacquaint yourself with the earth

beneath your feet.

Thank the air that surrounds you

with every breath you take.

Find yourself

in appreciation life.

……………Christy AnnMartine


This jack rabbit looks like my granddog “Maggie.” It’s just a feeling…a mood that I always seen in Maggie. Unspoken guilt and desire mixed together. Maybe I was channeling Maggie….LOL I am doing doggie daycare for Maggie since her mom went to work at the pottery studio. I’m not much fun but I do talk to her, give her fresh marrow bones and love on her a lot. So…..she is much more in my radar since I have been spending so much time with her. Dogs rock. They absorb your energy but don’t judge ever.

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