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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Fox, Wild Things on April 18, 2014 at 1:19 pm
watercolor aceo 4/2014

watercolor aceo 4/2014

Fox is seen as a guide into the land of Faerie. A very cunning animal who seems to disappear at will. Full of magic. Perhaps this is where fox goes….to the Faerie realm…..when suddenly he escapes unseen as if into the ethers. If fox shows up as your power animal, be careful not to trick your own self by being too clever.

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  1. Well, somehow I doubt I’ll outfox myself! I usually end up confusing myself instead. Charming painting! I like the purple moon too.

  2. like the sly look on fox’s face there – completely looks as if he’s got an agenda in that head of his – gorgeous painting 🙂

    • Thank you. It’s hard to really know what is in an animal’s mind. Although I am sure it is not full of the many useless thoughts that we could find inside our own minds.

  3. Oh Gretchen, the fox painting is beautiful! It is as if he is picking up scents on the breeze.
    A few years ago, a fox visited my garden. He was sick and he looked at me as if to say ” help me”. So I went to my vet and bought medicine and the fox came back EVERY night to my garden to eat food and the medicine. When the treatment was over he disappeared. Then, a whole year later he turned up on my lawn and my friend said ” there is your fox on the lawn, it is as if he wants to see you”. So I went out and the fox looked into my eyes, right into eyes…..and then he went and I have never seen him again.
    I am sure he came to say goodbye and to aknowledge what had passed between us.
    For a while, just for a while I entered the spirit world of the fox.
    I am so lucky.-Karen

  4. A treasured experience I am sure. I had a dying coyote raise his head and look right into my eyes. I will never forget. It was beautiful and sad for me.

  5. He looks happy with himself and also like he is getting ready to scratch his chin.

  6. OK. You just answered my question about “sly” and cunning in this post. I like both paintings of your fox.

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