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In Art Watercolor Gallery, ice bears on June 10, 2014 at 1:28 pm
watercolor aceo 6/2014

watercolor aceo 6/2014

Ice Bear tells you that you need  compromise nothing to negativity.  He says ‘never give in to  your problems.’ Ice Bear in your dreams……  good omen.

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  1. Ice Bear gives good advice and is beautiful as well.

  2. Your beautiful words and painting have a very powerful effect upon me. They travel through me like a shaft of pure light and their message is so clear. It is almost as if you are a channel for the spirit and soul of the animal world, enabling me to get in touch with something which would be lost to me otherwise. it is sad in a way that the message needs sending and that I can not keep in touch with it myself without help. But I think that we have lost touch with this essential quality in our selves and lost something truly elemental.
    Thank you Gretchen, for sharing your special gift and I hope that you are recovering.

    • Everyone has lost touch. The finding is in the intention. Above all…..remember to be kind for yourself. It seems to be so hard to do that but in doing so you will find the peace you seek.

  3. Your bears always have so much personality and are so loveable. I want to kiss this one right on the nose.

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