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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Coyote, Wild Things on June 7, 2014 at 10:52 am
watercolor aceo 6/2014

watercolor aceo 6/2014

The coyotes were out this morning far down in the forest singing their wild song. It is always distressing a bit because I equate the song with a fresh kill. There are different views as to what their arias mean, but due to many pet losses here on the mountain we all think of death. Yama is close. I used to worry about my cat when I heard the coyotes but they either got him or he wandered into a new home. He was like that……moving from house to house. He dropped in one day as a free cat and I let him have his freedom all the while knowing that he might have a short life. He was good at the game too. My dogs were barking and I made sure to keep them close on our walk. The dogs have no understanding of being captured by a large pack of coyotes. They do hate coyotes and love a good chase. A few weeks ago a lone coyote was beneath my deck looking up at my dogs. He was broadcasting his scent and the dogs went wild. Shri coyote knows where Buddha and Maus live and he is not afraid of them or me. It is so exciting to be around the yotes and a little dangerous.

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  1. Beautiful picture. Love the eyes. Interesting story about the coyotes. Worrisome, around pets, however.

  2. Coyotes… Aren’t they impressive in the silence of night? As if a million of them all came to the Alpha’s call! I hadn’t known they did this after a kill but they’ve been quiet this spring yet we are awash in deer. Now I’m wondering why or where they are. Your painting is charming! You’re so inspired in your animals, as if you crept into their souls! xx

    • You know….I feel as though I have and revisit frequently. It is magical for me. I am sure that others have this experience….it’s just that I paint mine.

  3. Beautiful color and shape in this portrait, Gretchen. I hear you about the safety of our pets, but a far sadder tale is what our encroachment has imposed upon our wildlife friends that does not allow for the space and privacy to live as was intended.

    • Yes. This is what has happened. Coyotes have adapted amazingly well here. It’s an all new structure. We on this mountain do not ever kill a coyote. We work around them. They are huge here……often bigger than my 80lb dog. It’s a fact of life that pets are prey and we take precautions. Most of the mountain is national forest so the coyotes are not really encroached upon here. Of course there is not enough respect for species other than ourselves and then we don’t even respect our own. Yes sad it is.

  4. I don’t know much about coyotes. They used to come ot our house in Pacifica but they never harmed anyone. Yuma: It’s so hard to give them their freedom, but it’s the right thing to do I think. Bravo!

    • Here on the mountain it is easy to keep them free because there is so much national forest land. The coyotes here are not like the city coyotes. They are very large….as big as Buddha sometimes and he weighs 80 lbs.

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