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In Critters on August 31, 2011 at 12:39 pm

This post is for Hanneke especially. I wanted her to have a taste of the wolf. Dhyren is a wolf hybrid having all the wolfie behavior traits of a full wolf. In fact, his owner, Carolyn, says that there is almost no dog in him. It has been my pleasure watching him grow. He has a wonderful, knowledgeable and patient owner who took the time to understand wolf behavior and raise Dhyren to fit into human/dog society. There is also a picture of Montana. She is out of the same parents, but a litter one year behind Dhyren. She has had the same good fortune to have been chosen by a wonderful owner. Unfortunately, wolf hybrids are not usually this lucky and do not grow to be wonderful adults. Most people just love the idea of owning a wolf and have no idea what the responsibility will be.

DHYREN a wee pup...2-3 months

DHYREN about 6 months

DHYREN teenage wolf in training

DHYREN winter 2011 growing up and very wolfie. Wouldn't want to meet a creature that looks like this in a dark alley. He is very sweet.

DHYREN winter 2011 As a pup his coat was so soft. It is now very corse. And the markings have changed.


MONTANA she was about one year and very wary of people. She is very calm now....a few years later.