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christmas gifts

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Dharma Dogs on December 7, 2011 at 3:11 pm

These two aceo paintings are actually copies of my own previous work. I added the Christmas touch. Having procrastinated I am running late with the gifts for my granddaughters. I always like to add a bit of art along with the other gifts and I was digging through my brain trying to find a way to accomplish this with no stress. I have an important commission in the works which is from a procrastinating customer……so I didn’t need to make things worse. Here is what I did.

I printed scans of these paintings onto transparencies. Hindsight: didn’t need to use transparencies…..paper would have worked just as well. What was I thinking??? Outlined them with black marker. Then with my trusty light box and a 5H pencil I transferred the images to aceo card blanks. Then I outlined the pencil with permanent black ink. I got ink and paint idea from my son who told me a few days ago how one of the favorite pieces of my art that he has is of a native american girl drawn in ink and touched with watercolor. Well this art was created a long time ago before I knew how to fully execute a watercolor painting. So my style has greatly changed and I can’t remember how I constructed his painting. I really struggled with these two. They weren’t coming out the way I wanted so I kept working them. I learned that you have to give the ink a good long time to dry. If you don’t, the watercolor makes the ink run. YUK. Didn’t do that with the second one but, by then, I was totally degraded. Well on and on, but I managed to create these two which I will put into refrigerator magnets so that the girls can see them as part of each Christmas to come. So much taking the easy way out. But in the end these will delight the girls 5 and 2.

Moral of the story……better not to cement an outcome in your mind when you are creating.