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‘dreaming buddha’

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Red Cottage on September 27, 2019 at 2:49 pm

watercolor 7 x 10   9/2019

This painting is my good bye to my beautiful dog ‘Buddha.’ He was on this earth for 15 years leaving us a month ago still a happy and peaceful dog despite his aged disabilities. ‘Buddha’ brought joy to everyone he touched. I miss him terribly and will never forget his paw print in my life. Everyone who has lived with a beloved dog knows the story.

I have so many drawings of him. Especially during his last year I sketched him many times not wanting to let go but knowing that my time with him was winding down.


Everything in the painting was free form except for both Buddhas and the lotus. I just let it flow. And I cried much of the time.

I captured this one a few years ago midst a nap with his namesake. Strange name for a dog I thought. It just came out of the ethers and it was perfect. He never met a dog, cat or human that he did not like.

Grooming his cat ‘Hari Giri Baba.’ Notice that the cat is relaxed. He loved Buddha and trusted him.

Buddha was the epitome for me of dog’s love for human.


He loved the snow….the deeper the better. First snow was the best….full of excitement. He and Maus would run and run in the first snow.


Home again

In Red Cottage on September 12, 2016 at 2:28 pm

I moved from the mountain in the very beginning of June. That was three months ago and I am just now….sort of…. ready to start painting, publishing, etc. I miss many things from the mountains and those are sweet memories. Now I live in San Jose and I’m exploring this new home. I actually have spent most of my adult life in Northern California so this is like coming home. Luckily I live right next to the Santa Cruz mountains and that is beautiful. Neighbors are great. Of course I have met the ‘dog people’ while out walking. Funny how that works.img_1848

Buddha requesting his 1pm dried duck treat. (No…the dogs are not vegetarians). Both the dogs tell time. They come at the appropriate time and let me know that they are due something. That’s my new portable air conditioner in the background. High 90 degrees for two weeks forced my hand to purchase a new coolant. I used swamp coolers on the mountain because it was dry dessert air but it’s too moist here for that to do the job of keeping me cool.

img_1846That’s Maus sitting next to my yoga mat. I call it doga because she likes to bother me by sitting on the mat when she can find a little space. It isn’t easy practicing with a Queensland hogging the mat.dsc02249You can see here that my dogs are now leashed. There are endless possibilities for leash entanglements. Chasing squirrels is quite hazardous for me. I haven’t gone down yet and I’m getting better. Remember….they were never leashed before and chased varmints on the mountain as they pleased. Definitely adjustment for all.

This is the end of the pics for now because word press is balking at uploading any more????? Anyway…I’m happy to be in my present digs….love g


buddha the dog

In Red Cottage on November 30, 2015 at 7:55 am

Buddha recently had surgery to remove a giant tumor from his right rear leg. Left alone the growth would have eventually interfered with his walking not to mention he wouldn’t have been running. I was surprised to see that his skin was spotted just like his fur. In these shots he looks a bit like a medical chart where the body is in layers. He is doing nicely. Running but his activity is still limited. He is a good boy.




In Red Cottage on January 2, 2015 at 1:58 pm
Photo by Lee Reeder 2015

Photo by Lee Reeder 2015

This is my home. Breath taking isn’t it. I am so very fortunate to live here. This is the lake where I walk with my dogs. We had quite a storm on December 30 and 31. Yey!!!….my pipes didn’t freeze. I kept the water running all night and I got lucky. It is sunny today and relatively warm. I have my crampons and a hiking stick so we are going to the Lake in an hour. I wish a happy new year full of peace and joy for all of you who have left such beautiful comments for me and to everyone who has liked or viewed my site. Peace and love, Gretchen.


In Art Watercolor Gallery, Red Cottage, Wild Things on August 5, 2014 at 8:04 pm
watercolor aceo 8/2014

watercolor aceo 8/2014

The fearless bandit of the night.

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My two cattle dogs appear to both be related to raccoon.

Maus with a black double mask

Maus with a black double mask

Buddha with rings on his tail

Buddha with rings on his tail

best friends

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watercolor aceo 2010

watercolor aceo 2010

Animals sometimes make friends with their deadliest enemies. I wonder why? I have two cattle dogs and a big black persian mix cat. As long as the cat doesn’t run the dogs leave him alone. My dog ‘Buddha’ actually nuzzles him with affection.

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri

deck garden

In Red Cottage on July 12, 2014 at 1:21 pm

DECK GARDEN 7:2014 instagram,wordpressDSC02082

This is the latest photo of my deck garden’s progress. Growing are zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Armenian cucumbers, basil (lots…cause I love it), mint, lavender, marjoram, sage, rosemary, chives. I love having all the fresh herbs in the summer. You can make some easy and yummy food with beautiful herbs. I am excited to harvest my first vegetable and it looks like zucchini will win the race to my stomach.