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watercolor progressive

watercolor progressive

Progressive really lets you see how the watercolor is built up gradually. It’s important not to make mud while you are painting.


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pencil sketch

pencil sketch

I’m working on a memorial painting of  ‘Smokie’ the cat. ‘Smokie’ is still on the planet but he is having massive health challenges. His owner wants to remember him as he is now so that’s my plan.


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'RA' 1000


‘RA’    watercolor aceo c/12/2013

I recently received a request to show progressive images of a painting in progress. So here it is and if you just scroll down you can see how one of my paintings comes together.

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sketch 300_0001


I sketch my subject with a #5H pencil and use a 3B to darken parts so that I can see the image on my light table. This is a 2.5 x 3.5 size.



Coyote on my light table. I like to be able to adjust proportions if I need with out any erasure. Even light erasure will affect how the paint lays on the paper. I like it nice and clean.

drawing 300


On the light table I place the sketch and the watercolor paper over. I lightly trace the image onto the aceo blank using a 5H pencil. I like to keep the lines as invisible as I can.


1  300


I paint definitive areas very lightly usually with a pastel color so that I can see how the image is developing. I am using a #@, #4, #6 brushes. Sometimes I will use just one hugh brush with a nice point.


2  300,jpg


I just keep adding layers of color. Because I was recording this process I had to let the painting dry each time I scanned. Most often I paint right through without letting anything dry. Of course parts will dry and I come back to them. I’m usually not thinking about this but just doing the art. I don’t stop to answer the phone because it changes the outcome to let it dry.


3  300


Adding more layers of color and details. I am working from light to dark. Darks don’t see the paper until the very end.


'RA' 1000






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original watercolor aceo 2.5 x 3.5 c7/2011

Named for the city Marrakech located in Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. Ahhhh….she is dreaming of a great feast. Savory chicken pie, Lamb with honey, beautiful spiced olives, fluffy couscous and,of course, steaming hot mint tea poured from a silver pot into tall clear glasses. She can just snooze on top of the rugs and pillows after she has eaten her fill. Eat on feline.

I have wanted to document a painting in progress for some time now. I finally made it. Hope you enjoy seeing the process below.

1. The pencil drawing done with a 5H pencil on a precut 300lb aceo card. I always keep my lines light and few as possible so that the pencil will not detract from the finished art.

2. I added background design with liquid mask. I use Masquepen with a super fine applicator made by that company out of the UK. After it is dry I start painting. The mask will keep the white where it was applied. After the painting is finished I remove the mask.

3. First wash. You can see how I painted right over the mask. It is a light blue.

4. Second wash and some detail.

5. Third wash and background.

6. Mask removed. And you can see that it has left the raw white paper unpainted.

7. I dropped in a bit of green on the leaves, added some last dark highlights and applied some dots of gold with a Pilot medium gold marker. I love the shade of gold in this pen. Every so often when I am looking for something fresh to do with my painting I go online and browse for some interesting new tool or pigment. One of these shopping trips turned up a bunch of gold pens. I often underpaint before using the mask. I didn’t think about that this time.

snow bound

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tibetian clouds

I’m snowed in and it is due to snow through Wednesday. So I started this painting of a Phoenix. I am painting the Tibetian clouds. Always have trouble with them. I never know where I left off and where to begin. Sort of like a maze for me.

My snowy home

We live in the San Bernardino mountains about 90 miles east of Los Angeles. We get a lot of weather here. Many feet of snow all at once. So much that it is impossible to get to town. You can’t even drive through it. Well nothing is getting mailed for awhile and I really love the snow and not going anywhere. It’s a soup night.