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best friends

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watercolor aceo 2010

watercolor aceo 2010

Animals sometimes make friends with their deadliest enemies. I wonder why? I have two cattle dogs and a big black persian mix cat. As long as the cat doesn’t run the dogs leave him alone. My dog ‘Buddha’ actually nuzzles him with affection.

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri


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watercolor 8x10 c3/2014

watercolor 8×10 c3/2014

This is ‘Sachi.’ My favorite crazy boxer. She lived to plus 13.  She left this world in the beginning of February. Much adored.I was there with my ‘Bad Boxer.’ I still cry and it was hard to work on this portrait. I helped raise her the first three years of her life so we were close. I will forever love boxer dogs. They are so full of fun.

This portrait is for my son John and his wife Aida.

Bad Boxer  1:80   F 4.5_12


Sachi was the subject for this painting. We used to say fondly that she was evil because she was always in trouble. She was the darlin of Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, California.




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This post is for Hanneke especially. I wanted her to have a taste of the wolf. Dhyren is a wolf hybrid having all the wolfie behavior traits of a full wolf. In fact, his owner, Carolyn, says that there is almost no dog in him. It has been my pleasure watching him grow. He has a wonderful, knowledgeable and patient owner who took the time to understand wolf behavior and raise Dhyren to fit into human/dog society. There is also a picture of Montana. She is out of the same parents, but a litter one year behind Dhyren. She has had the same good fortune to have been chosen by a wonderful owner. Unfortunately, wolf hybrids are not usually this lucky and do not grow to be wonderful adults. Most people just love the idea of owning a wolf and have no idea what the responsibility will be.

DHYREN a wee pup...2-3 months

DHYREN about 6 months

DHYREN teenage wolf in training

DHYREN winter 2011 growing up and very wolfie. Wouldn't want to meet a creature that looks like this in a dark alley. He is very sweet.

DHYREN winter 2011 As a pup his coat was so soft. It is now very corse. And the markings have changed.


MONTANA she was about one year and very wary of people. She is very calm now....a few years later.



sachi my boxer

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sachi - boxer - photograph

Sachi is a very special boxer. Very beautiful with reeeally long legs. She actually belongs to my son and his family, but I helped to raise her for her first three years. Grama/nanny. She and I spent many days relaxing and walking on ‘Dog Beach’ in Huntington Beach, California. Wonderful dog. This photo was taken when she was a youth. Now she has become the Grande Old Dame. Very sweet. She was also named for Indra’s wife.

dhryen – a wolf hybrid

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This is my friend Carolyn’s wolf-dog Dhyren. This first photo was taken when he was a baby. He had just gotten wet in the lake. So sweet natured and soft fur. So cute it made you want to bite him.

This is Dhyren as a maturing wolf-dog. All legs, smart, very wolfy, very comfortable with people and other animals. His mom is a great owner. These creatures should not be kept by anyone who is not committed to raising them to fit into our domestic world. Even with a bit of dog bred in, they have very strong wolf tendencies. Carolyn takes care to understand his behavior and train him accordingly. It’s her passion.

DHYREN - photo by Carolyn - young male adult wolf/dog hybrid

This is Dhyren as a young adult this winter. As you can see, his markings have changed. He is now bigger than Carolyn’s 150lb rottweiller, Hiro…..at least in height. Now that’s BIG!  Dhyren is a timber wolf and has a couple percentage points of dog in him. Carolyn never ceases to be amazed by him.

hari giri

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hari giri cat - age 10?

This is my cat, Hari Giri. He was named after an Indian Saint. He has since been given an alias ….Ted Bundy. Ted B. was the infamous serial killer. My Ted is an awesome killer of small mountain wildlife. He is a great cat. Very dog like. He managed all these years to evade the coyotes, so maybe he is immortal. The color black helps. I, however, prefer to paint white cats. Not only do I love white, but it makes it easier to paint a cat in watercolor. When my cats are white it leaves room for all sorts of background decorations.

grama gigi is coming

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I’m off on my trip to see my daughter’s family for 2 weeks. Kaylie is getting so big and is now a big sister. I’m looking forward to painting with her.

Kaylie with her new brother Noah. Now wait a minute. Is she regressing instead of playing the role of big sister. No it’s just love. Everybody shares.

buddha the dog

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Snow in Crestline, California 2/26/2011

This is my dog Buddha trudging up a bank in front of our house. He is training for a Donner Pass outing. We have over 2 feet and two more expected today. We still have power. Well, of course, I wouldn’t be typing this if we didn’t. We have a gas stove, so no matter what we will have warm food.
Looks like it is going to be some time before we get out. Couldn’t even walk in this without snow shoes. It is really beautiful. All white and fuffy.

hari giri

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His alias is Ted Bundy. Named so because he is a great hunter depositing his kill anywhere where it can be found by his humans. Sometimes partially eaten. Well, he tests the food he brings in….a great service. The issue that I have with Ted is his fur. Everything else I can deal with because Ted is a stellar feline. He is part Persian and the fur is like gossamer. It clings and floats everywhere. I usually can’t see it until I drag some wet paint through a strand of fur. This is not a big thick dog hair. Those are easy to deal with and besides they don’t float. They stay on the carpet.  If I try to remove Ted’s fur, the paint dries too much. I have learned to just keep painting and live with the results. I must say, though, that the person who produces my prints on demand is totally not OK with the cat hairs on the image. I have to edit out the cat fur to make her happy.  His fur clings to everything. Must have stickers on the shaft. I have tried everything to combat the stray fur problem. Nothing really works. It floats in the air….. drops off my clothes. Ted also likes to drink from my painting water dish when I am not in the room…dropping more fur in the process. I am now armed with a can of  compressed air. It helps but I need a ‘clean room.’ You know like a bio-hazard room. I think I will now offer free cat fur with every painting. Perhaps an incentive for potential buyers?


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Maus a queensland cattle dog

She and Buddha love to romp in the snow and are impervious to the cold.