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sacred white buffalo

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on March 22, 2021 at 2:08 pm

watercolor  8 x 10   3/2021  


“Nineteen generations ago the beautiful spirit we now refer to as White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Sacred C’anupa (Sacred Pipe) to our People. She taught the People the Seven Sacred Rites and how to walk on Mother Earth in a sacred manner. Pte-san win-yan. As she left, she turned into a young beautiful white buffalo and then she walked over the hill and out of sight. This is where she received her name, White Buffalo Calf Woman. She gifted us with the Seven Sacred Rites that still sustain our People today. The person who smokes the sacred pipe achieves union with all Beings. By smoking this C’anupa, you will make direct personal contact with the Great Mystery. . . Following the Way of this Sacred C’anupa, you will walk in a sacred way upon the earth, for the Earth is your grandmother and your mother and she is sacred. . .″

— Chief Arvol Looking Horse


The story is also a prophecy. White Buffalo Calf Woman told the people that she would return in the form of a white buffalo calf and that it would be both a blessing and a warning. When the white animal shows its sacred color there will be great changes upon the earth. Arvol and many others interpret those changes to mean the current ecological crises taking place. If humanity continues to live without harmony with the earth it will be cursed, but if spiritual unity and harmony with the earth is achieved humanity will be blessed.

  1. Wonderful narrative and such a gorgeous painting!

  2. So beautiful in eery way. I thought she returned several years ago. I hope that I’m wrong about that. Your art is a living thing, filled with passion and spirit. Grateful.

    • I am not sure about the return. There has been a new white buffalo calf born and that is apparently significantly linked to the prophesy. There have been many other white calves born previously to this one.I do not think that the prophesy meant that a woman would come. Of course lots of women are stepping up for truth. Like the second coming of Christ….most likely not the same form. But I know not. The prophesy is not necessarily literal. The world is changing. We are at critical mass for the need to wake up into spiritual love….a higher realization. Thank you for seeing the spirit within the art. I can assure that I personally have little to do with it. I just make the painting.

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  4. so beautiful and i love the prophecy

    • Thank you Beth. There is so much information regarding the content of the prophesy which I have never published in my blog. It is very interesting I agree and a teaching.

  5. Beautiful painting! Good story too!

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