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sage walker

In Art Watercolor Gallery, brown bear, Wild Things on January 13, 2021 at 4:18 pm

watercolor 1/2021

‘Allow nature’s

peace to flow 

into you as 

sunshine flows

into trees.’

……..john muir


I often ritually burn sage in my house. It clears energy and it heals your body/spirit. Whenever you are feeling taken over by negative emotions or thoughts smudging sage will restore all and you will feel protected. I don’t overthink the ritual so I have no rules. I like that way best. To disperse the smoke I use a hawk feather gifted to me by a beautiful soul …… a woodsman from the North Carolina mountains.  He also taught me to surround my home with feathers so that the faeries would come. I never saw the faeries but I am sure they came and blessed my home. I also burn incense daily……nag champa and sandlewood. It makes a big difference. Home…peace…home.

  1. Beautiful. I have done that and drummed as well. It makes difference. Gorgeous bear. ❤

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  3. I should give that a try…I have features given to me years ago by a Native American friend of mine…hawks he had raised.

  4. lovely…i love sage and have a Feather on my front door to honor my Native Heritage. never heard the fairy thing…now i beleive i will have to do that! Thanks!

  5. Gretchen this is. beyond beautiful!

  6. I will try smudging sage!
    Adore the drawing! Your art is special!

  7. This is beautiful!!! I love the zen art in this one. I also burn sage in my home, love how it feels afterwards. I’ve never heard of the feathers and faeries. But when I’m on my walks and come across a feather, it inevitably comes home with me 😊 I’ll have to keep an eye out for the faeries.

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