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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on December 28, 2020 at 5:04 pm

watercolor 12/2020

During my travels within the internet I found the below diagram of wolf leadership. It speaks to me of the need for leaders to guide from a base of wisdom and not from greed, power, deceit…and any quality which does not put the welfare of the pack first. The wolf pack has it down. As humans is it possible for us to follow the example of the wolf pack?

  1. Wow, never knew wolves did that. I agree, it does make one wonder if humans could learn from them. You really captured the spirit of the wolf in your painting, beautiful! Gorgeous eyes too πŸ’–

    • I did not know this either Maria and it really stole my heart ……the care for each wolf that was given freely by the pack. May your new year be peaceful.❀️gretchen

  2. so wonderful. Thank you.

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  4. Perhaps Covid has shown the beginnings of community spirit; the strong looking after the weak?

  5. On so many levels, this is brilliant. Thank you for sharing the wolf pack image and ideals. And your wonderful painting. I love his little paws. Your word ring so very true. Most times, it’s the animals that are the wiser of us sentient beings. πŸ’™

  6. Love this so much. Animals are such sentient beings. N.

  7. i just love this and must share to my facebook…i am and always have been a wolf person…had forgotten about this although i do remember reading it years ago..thanks so much!

  8. hmm.. scratch that..i tried to post to facebook and it was flagged at false information..that sucks..never the less , the idea and sentiment are correct:0 i will have to check into this though, because i have always been sure it was right…

    • There is always the chance that internet information is false however this image is harmless. I don’t understand the censor.

      • me either..it was an AWESOME photo and i loved it…but from what i saw , the actual photographer was just peeved it was using false info in that it was a female leading the pack and she was not old, etc. i tried a few times to repost anyway because i loved the idea
        but FB wouldnt let me

  9. Lovie….how can anyone tell that the wolf ….any wolf is male or female. The leader was ….according to the image….in the very back. I’m a bit confused.

    • well, thats what i was thinking and why i looked into it..the only explanation i can offer is that the photographer is a world renowned wildlife biologist and film maker so he may be able to?but honestly i love the post and the analysis and idea is spot on. It peeves me that Fb would screen cover it for such a silly reason

      • Perhaps it’s a copyright thing. Sometimes Pinterest will remove a pin that I posted because of an owner objection. So it goes. Myself….I use a copyright but I have never tracked down people who abuse it because, although it is irritating, not worth my energy. Karma.

      • i agree…my artwork has been used without my permission many times..i just take it as a compliment and move on..lol

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