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my son, my sun

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Big Cats, Wild Things on September 21, 2020 at 4:51 pm

watercolor 9/2020

‘To touch the earth is to move into harmony with nature’ ………..Oglala Sioux

When I am painting a title often shows up and I don’t question. I use it. This one came from a memory I have of my friend who is mother to a beautiful hybrid wolf Dhyren. She lavished affection and training on her wolf as he grew into his manhood. Dhyren is 99% wolf hybrid which means he is more wolf than dog. These animals take a lot of patience to coax them out of their wildness and, because she wanted him to have the best life possible she spent every day teaching to be with humans. And she always referred to the wolf as ‘my son.’ Wonderful animal.

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  1. Beautiful painting as always! Love your quote and story!!

  2. As always, you touch my heart.

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