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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Painted Ponies on May 16, 2020 at 2:58 pm

watercolor 5/2020

Wakan Tanka, this night

I lift up voice and hands,

I ask for blessings for

those going through 

tragic and hard times,

loss and lonliness, hardship

and pain. I pray for those

fourleggeds without a voice.

May they all feel your


….Crowwolf Douglas (Sunkmanifu Tanka)

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  1. So awesome Gretchen ❤️

  2. […] via peacemaker — Gretchen Del Rio’s Art Blog […]

  3. Ethereal. You are so gifted!

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    Gretchen Del Rio’s Art Blog: Wisdom and very beautiful art together 🐴 Love it !! ❤️

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    From Gretchen Del Rio: A prayer for these times . . .

  6. Beautiful painting and quote! Love it!!!

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