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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Fox, Wild Things on October 24, 2019 at 4:07 pm

watercolor 10/2019

In Japanese folklore, all foxes (Kitsune) exhibit some level of magical ability including shapeshifting into people, other creatures, and inanimate objects. These powers increase with age and wisdom. There are thirteen different kinds of Kitsune, each with a corresponding element. I named this silver fox “Seishin” or spirit element.

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  1. A lovely painting. I remember in Japanese literature the importance of foxes.
    Thanx for sharing with us.
    (Arigato!) 😉

  2. Beautiful, as always. You paint emotion and spirit in the most amazing way. ❤

    • Thank you Gigi. It seems to me that we human beings are more apt to connect with the being….the soul of animals than with that of our fellow man. Consider that our love of the beasts goes a long way to keeping us sane and compassionate.

  3. Gorgeous & fascinating.

    • Thank you Cindy. For me the foxes hold deep mysteries. Maybe the belief that they are shape shifters comes from their great ability to elude those who would end their life. The fox is never where you thought you saw it. My dog ‘Buddha’ was a bit of a shape shifter himself. Gretchen

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