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stands and waits

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Cranes, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on August 20, 2019 at 3:01 pm

watercolor 8/2019

Standing in shallow water upon long thin legs. Standing and waiting for prey. Herons wait for their prey to come to them. They do not chase down their meal. Always works very well. I have spent hours watching herons standing and waiting. Not boring at all because I’m watching a master fisher. Make a noise and they are likely to take to the air and fly slowly and majestically away looking like a prehistoric reincarnation. A picture of Zen……so still and present. My dog Buddha tried but was never able to catch a heron. He used to crash through the underbrush toward the wader. No brainer. Buddha always lost. He was, however, a very excellent ground squirrel catcher. He would hug the ground and almost imperceptibly advance toward the squirrel colony. At a certain distance he would make his final thrust in a burst of speed. His technique was quite good and he occasionally succeeded in a capture. 

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    A moment of beauty and peace with stellar artist, Gretchen Del Rio.

  3. success is easier in one’s own element, Buddha has no chance in water….

    • Thanks so much for your observation and comment. Buddha was a very smart and calculating dog. He would walk along the bank of the lake in the bushes and when the time was right, he would use his famous ‘flying jump’ into the shallows. You are right because the few feet shy of his bird……it would launch like a prehistoric creature. Not a fast take off but those enormous wings made up for it. The thing about Buddha is that he never gave up, but rather kept perfecting his strategy. He once caught a duck in mid air that way. I made him release it.

  4. A beautiful painting of one of my favorite creatures to encounter in the wild. Something about their grace is just so transcendent. I could watch them for hours. ❤

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