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Watercolor 1/2018 5 x 7


This is just one of so many Native American tales about Raven as well as other animals. I love to read them.


When Raven was killed

Raven had played so many tricks on mankind for so long that one day a great chief decided to kill him. The chief caught Raven unaware and threw him into a large skin bag. Then he began to climb to the top of a steep mountain. Raven asked from inside the bag “what are you doing, where are we going.” The chief ignored Raven. Raven told the chief that bad things would happen if he hurt Raven. But the chief did not listen and finally on top of the mountain, he threw Raven off the mountain. Raven was torn to pieces falling. The chief had killed Raven.

Everyone in the village was happy and they celebrated for days. Then they noticed that all the water was gone. The lakes and rivers were dry. The shaman told them that the water had vanished because the chief had killed Raven. Now the people wanted Raven to come back.

The shaman told the chief that he would have to put Raven back together again. So the chief put all the pieces back together again. Raven came back to life and started to fly away. “Stop” cried the chief. “All the water is gone and only you can return it.” Raven flew higher and said “Look around you, there is water everywhere.”

The chief then turned and saw that the lake was full and that the river ran deep and fast again. As Raven disappeared in the distance, the chief promised never to try to kill Raven again.

Because of his powers and role in their heritage, Natives do not kill ravens.


  1. Your gentle touch of watercolor is filled with spirit and love. This is so beautiful. I wish all animals had the power to hurt us if we hurt them. It would be a better and kinder world. Thank you for this.

    • Thank you. Some animals do have the power to hit back. So we make better guns. The whole cycle is unconscious. Awareness is the only answer. Will that happen before humanity brings about the destruction of our Earth Mother? We are at a crucial crossroads now. Killing Raven will not work.

  2. This is so amazing. Your artwork is breathtaking. I can sense your love of life and nature in your gift of creativity.

    • Thank you. I love Nature and I know that humanity must change so that we have a Nature to love. It is happening. We are evolving into greater awareness. Vibration is changing unseen. Will it happen before the resources of our planet are extinguished?

      • I don’t know if it is too late to save our planet for future generations. The deniers and greed resist. Thank you for forever preserving the beauty of these amazing inhabitants of earth. 🌺

  3. So so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this Gretchen. Your art is soulful and filled with honesty.

    • Thank you Sylvia. I love depicting these animals as wise and present. Of course they are present not through practice but it is their heritage. Such great teachers when we take the moment to observe.🐾

  4. Are we too late? A big question. Is humankind to slow to understand the role he plays? Some do, some don’t. What happens is not so much a mystery as it is
    a necessity for the survival of all life.

    • My inner sight also tells me that our survival depends on our awareness, our expanded consciousness. And we don’t know if that will happen quickly enough. So personally I keep that sight and continue my practice. I know that art which comes into being through me is as conscious as the vessel. So I feel responsible to all of nature to be as conscious as Grace allows. Thank you for your reply Eddie and for your conscious, sensitive blog.

  5. By the way, your work is outstanding Gretchen

  6. I honestly feel as if it’s never to late for anyone to do the best that they know of in order to make this world a better place.All anyone can do is try though and help others to the best of their ability. Reading this…that’s exactly what you’re doing through art Gretchen…:) Thank you for sharing that with others. I do that as well. 🙂 This story is wonderful and so is your art. I keep running into feathers this year for some reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that this story is a message answering that. It may not be the only message for me having to do with feathers. I’ve honestly had feathers showing up off and online for years. That being so, I shall see what is to be, but I do believe that it has a deeper meaning. Personally, I believe your inner sight is absolutely correct. I too believe that our survival depends on our awareness, our expanded consciousness.I also believe that the answer to that awareness lay between both understanding reality and understanding dreams/the unknown are both something that every person has in common. I believe we don’t know if that will happen in this lifetime because everyone is not ready for totally understanding some things. The fact that anyone who has different views is totally ignored or bashed really says everything right there. As MLK said hate cannot drive out hate and ignoring or bashing someone who’s different or believes differently from you is hate. I believe hate stems from fear of change…etc. some are so scared of change that they hate without realising it. It’s sad, but it’s also up to the unknown where everyone is on lifes path. It’s really not up to me or anyone else. We are just messengers, everyone will be able to understand those messages when they are ready to. . Personally I try to keep that in mine and continue my practice as well. Anyway, thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for sharing of your thoughts Angela. I have a large and beautiful wooden bowl filled with beach sand. Stuck in the sand are my favorite and most rare collected feathers. This is one of the altars where I burn incense and keep sage wands. I adore feathers and rocks. To me they speak to my heart. Be well and wise my friend.

  7. This is simply wonderful, Gretchen. Just what I needed today. I was going to reblog but looks like you’d rather we not anymore. Hope life is treating you well aside from the insanities we are all suffering these days. Warmly, J.

    • Thank you Jamie. I do not know where you got the information that I no longer approve re-blogging my artwork but this is just not true. I am always gratified that you do re-blog. Maybe it’s a glitch in word press. That does happen. Anyway feel free always to re-blog my art. Have a beautiful day.

      • I couldn’t find the reblog button. The only visible button was the “Like,” so assumed that you’d decided against it, which would be okay. Anyway, I’ll try again later or tormorrow. Thanks or letting me know. Happy day.

      • I also can’t find the reblog button on blogs so have not been able to reblog. I know posts are still being reblog fed so perhaps WordPress has decided to change the rules. I will see if it is a choice that we must make.

      • I’ll check too later or tomorrow. Going off line for now, but we can compair notes.

      • Hi Jamie. Here is the reply to my reblog inquiry………

        Hi! There is a bug that is currently making the reblog button disappear on some sites. Our dev team is currently working on tracking down the code problem to get it fixed as soon as possible.

        It’s being tracked here in case you want to follow along on GitHub: https://github.com/Automattic/wp-calypso/issues/22491

      • Thank you for following up on that, Gretchen.

      • Oh, it’s gone from my site too. That’s a problem and now I understand why someone who used to reblog it cutting and pasting the post. A problem for me if I want to resell or for other poets featured who haven’t given permission for that. Sigh! 🙂

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    A word from Raven via the incomparable Gretchen Del Rio.

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  10. Beautiful artwork to go with the story. I love these tales.

  11. YOU. ARE. An amazing artist. I love frickign human creativity with colors and story. Also the raven is a spirit guide that comes up in my journeys when i need to get a trickster plan trope thing going on if ineed to learn some wisdom from my shadows.

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