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Among Native American tribes, especially the Plains Indians, the bison is considered a sacred animal and regarded with reverence. Native Americans consider that all given to them by Nature was to be treated with great respect and the bison was used down to every last part to ensure survival of the tribes. How devastating the disappearance of the bison by the hand of the white man. That act itself alone could have destroyed the tribal nations on the plains because they depended upon the bison for their well being. How insulting to their beliefs. How could the senseless killing of almost all of these sacred animals be understood by the Native Americans…….or by we who look back at the senseless devastation.

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  1. Unfortunately, it continues today in Yellowstone Park. There are a group of people who live there and do everything they can to stop the slaughter. of the remaining buffalo. We won’t stop until we have destroyed every living thing and I don’t know how to change that. I just don’t. Unless we kill the killers, I see no future for anything. There is something wrong with us. We are down to small groups of people trying to stop death itself. Your picture is a reminder of beauty and what we do to it.

    • It is very sad to hold a vision of man’s potential and still watch the abuse of what we have abundantly been given. I have always emulated the wisdom of the indigenous peoples in the world. They hold us to Mother Earth by their great respect for her gifts.

  2. Beautiful painting Gretchen!! But it is sad how man destroys everything this world gives us. If everyone would practice more respect and gratitude on a daily basis, what a brighter place this would be. ~Sophia

  3. I just watch Ken Burns series The West on Netflix. He covers in detail the importance of the buffalo to the Native Americans and the senselessness of the destruction of the herds. It made me so ashamed and sad. Your lovely painting shows the strength of the buffalo. Well done.

    • Thank you Linda. I will have to watch the ‘West.’ Ken burns always produces spectacular film. Our best action now is that consciousness has evolved and we can change how nature is respected. Native people honor in any land Nature’s laws and following their lead cures the dishonor among our modern people.

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