White Dog Art

Ceramic dishes

In Uncategorized on April 25, 2017 at 6:29 am

These little dishes are by my daughter Kaitlin’s hand. I so win having her pottery in my home and I enjoy ‘using’ her art. She has young children so any time for her art is a constant search. Never the less she is quite prolific. I so understand the life because I was always scraping together time for my art when my kids were little. It is a must do though because it saves you from ‘mommy head’……….that’s when the brain atrophies and mom is swallowed whole by her beautiful progeny. After art we emerge a kinder, wiser and more patient parent.

  1. talented and beautiful work

  2. Gretchen this is so beautifully said. Her work is a living testament to those words.
    It takes courage not to get swallowed by circumstance no mater how seductive.
    It occurs to me that creating is a call to the whole other side of that seduction. Creating
    strengthens, it gives back, it nurtures, it mothers the mother!

  3. Absolutely lovely and tasteful.

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