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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on March 24, 2017 at 12:05 pm

watercolor 3/2017

The reason that people awaken is because they finally stop agreeing to things that insult their soul.

I have never been interested in politics or followed politics for a great many reasons, but present times, I feel, demand that I know what is transpiring in the government of the United States. What I am seeing is that seemingly soul less people have assumed authority. The common man has been duped into thinking that what is good for him and what he wants will be delivered along with his vote. Such a terrible manipulation. The entire world is watching things unravel and we citizens of the USA are being used for the soul less command of greed and power.

I function as a creative….an artist in this world. I see that it is my duty, my dharma to illustrate with my paintings caring, peace, love and humility that dwells never-ending in the soul. For we incarnates have forgotten what we came here to do. Perhaps this most recent shift will help us to remember. Remember that we are all sisters and brothers and that we take care of one another and our mother the Earth.   

  1. Thanks for speaking out! Makes the image all the more powerful, i feel.

    • Thank you Jude. It seems to me that we of the Earth are at a crossroads which asks for deep reflection as choices are made. Looking forward to seeing you next Friday. Love g

  2. Reblogged this on THE BeZINE and commented:
    A lovely painting and some words on people awakening from Gretchen Del Rio.

  3. When many good people chose to ignore politics and what is happening in the world we find ourselves in deep trouble as we have now.

    • Thank you for your comment. I understand from where your opinion originates and I must say…..that is not necessarily the cause and effect of the current crisis on the Earth. Politics is the tip of the iceberg. There are many arenas in which we can serve.

  4. Beautiful art. I couldn’t agree more with your words.

    • Thank you for replying. I wonder just how divided our nation is right now? Perhaps less than we are being told. Perhaps this is just the thing to wake up to our spirit.

  5. Amen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts…

  6. Thank you for this, and for all that you are doing. I love your art work!

  7. Thank you. I will say that our most valuable contribution to humanity is our willingness to be present….aware of our thoughts and actions. No one can stand against awareness.

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