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Australian adventure

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on June 1, 2016 at 1:40 pm

I just finished a commission for a lovely Austrailian yogo instructor. These animals are meant to represent the four directions. I loved painting these creatures….some of which are indigenous to Australia.

'WEDGETAIL EAGLE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0003

Wedge Tail Eagle

''RED KANGEROO' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0007

Red Kangeroo

'BLACK SNAKE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0001 2

Red Bellied Black Snake

'HUMPBACK WHALE' 1000 5-2016_20160525_0005

Humpback Whale


  1. These are awesome!! LOVE every one of them. Amazing work! 😍

  2. Beautiful work! I love your style.

  3. Wow! Such beautiful work!

  4. Stunning. You are amazing and these are incredible. Magical and alive.

  5. These are simply stunning and so beautiful. Love your work, love the spirit.

  6. I love your work and am so happy to of stumbled across it. This makes me want to do some more with my watercolors. 🙂

    • Dear Ranae, I surely would wish that you do just that and, since you opened the door, I want to share a bit of my experience around creating art. With so many artists the big issue is actually just getting to the table. Very simple…..just do it. Less thinking for sure because our minds hang us up. One thing that I do is to always leave the painting unfinished for another day because it will be so much easier to take up brush for the next sitting. For me playing the same ‘art’ music will get you in the mood to paint when your mind is saying ‘you don’t really want to paint.’ The music I play is Enya and whenever I hear it now …..paintings I have made fly into my thoughts. As artists the urge to paint often needs a nudge and the more you do it becomes a habit…..an addiction so that starting gets easier.

      • That makes a lot of sense. I am on an acrylic and mixed media craze now, but when I first started them it was almost like a chore. Now I just enjoy it and ideas seem to come much easier. My watercolor I pushed to the side, I think mostly because with watercolor I sort of have to work backwards ( light to dark) So maybe I am scared to mix them up. lol My mixed media work though combines both effects depending on what I am doing of course but yea, have to admit I miss learning more about the watercolor. I LOVE the idea of using the same music, what a totally inspirational idea and I am definitely going to try that out. Thank you so much for that tip! Hugs & Love – Ranae’

  7. Wow, Gretchen – you’re amazing! Nice work

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    Some of our Gretchen Del Rio’s beautiful work to lift your spitit today and offset the news reports a bit

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