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Journey Home

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2016 at 7:17 am

I am leaving this mountain cottage which I have enjoyed so much. Living for all these years in the woodsie wilds of  this mountain has been so joyful for me. The wild absorbs troublesome thought and transmutes dispare and fear. I will take this with me however. These last few days I have been breathing in the wild….especially the raven calls at 5am…..and now on to a new adventure. The isolation here which I enjoy so much has become too dificult for me to manage so I will be living now in northern California. I will be a 5 minute walk from my daughter and her family so that help will be close should I need it. Still I will be painting. It is my meditation and joy. I won’t be painting for a bit but just drawing. My new studio space will definitely be warmer…….hooray!! Love Gretchen

  1. I can feel the bittersweet of leaving your lovely cottage for the next adventure! Very much my kind of place! Only wish i’d been able to visit you there…. Maybe that will be possible in your new digs?

  2. Oh dear Gretchen,I could never have imagined you be a city person,but your decision sounds right.I am sure though that your inspirations and your paintings will continue to be remarkable.Take care and make a joyful new start in your new home!All the best,Doda xxx

  3. I feel your pain, and empathize, it is a sweet cottage and you have always spoken so lovingly about your surroundings and inspirations. A new adventure, yes! and no doubt you will always have with you, a part of you, the spirit and the magic of your isolated wildness to keep you whole as you explore and discover a different kind of beauty in your new home. Safe journeys and peace.

    • You speak the truth my friend. I will be closer to the sea which I love….especially the cold and rocky beaches of northern California. It will be a half hour’s drive and I do look forward to walking in the sand and meditating over the tide pools.

  4. Gretchen…I wish you happiness, joy, new adventures and all things wonderful. I know how much you loved your sweet home but wherever you go…creativity and beauty will follow. Love to you dear friend and I’m looking forward to your next post. ❤

    • Thank you for you wise words. A dear friend reminded me that I will be taking the spirit of the woods with me. This is true…..but I will so miss the ravens…..maybe I will find some crows to serenade me. Love g

  5. Gretchen – love and blessings to you on your new adventure.

  6. May your new home prove sweet.

  7. You’re so brave to embrace the new adventure. That cabin and its woods will never be the same, you have left heart-prints every where.

  8. I am so sorry that it is time to move on. However, I am sure you will carry the spirit of this place and time with you where ever you are!

  9. Best wishes to you and Maus and Buddha and family. This was a difficult decision, I’m sure but pleased to hear you will have loving care at hand when needed. Warmest regards and prayers. Love, Jamie

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