White Dog Art


In Uncategorized on May 28, 2016 at 7:23 am

This grandfather bear was painted as a commission. He is on a 16 x 20 piece of watercolor paper. I usually  paint smaller to very small so everything about painting this large is challenging until I remember how. The very first thing I do is pull out my giant brushes. Then I mix large quantities of colors. No dabbing with #1 and smaller brushes. My studio temp was registering at 40 degrees so I painted at my kitchen table. In the winter I always paint in the kitchen because of the cold but hardly ever a large piece on an even larger board. There were a number of moments of silent cursing but it came together. I think that I would like to remain in touch with the process of painting large………so I may endevor to paint larger………when I can paint on a suitable surface. To be seen…….I suppose. Anyway…..my patron was most pleased and although there are things I would change….always…..I was also pleased with the bear.

  1. Wonderful! People have suggested I painted larger than I do, but it baffles me. After a couple tries I have let it alone….

    • I consider it expanding to changing how I paint. It can be different mediums, size or subject. If you use 300lb paper you won’t have to stretch it. 140lb using lots of water….it’s a must to stretch. I love what you are doing.

  2. How truly wonderful, Gretchen. Just beautiful.

  3. Very beautiful art work and I love the gentle colors!

  4. Love to see your process- I wondered if you did larger work! I think any change creates things to work through. Even changing a brand of paint…etc… go you!

  5. What a lovely painting and fascinating to see a piece by you done large. I find painting small challenging so we are alike in our differences. đŸ˜‰ I have missed you, my friend, and hope to catch up soon.

    • It’s all challenging……but then I love being challenged and I find changing things around revitalizes me. When I was young I used to move furniture around just to jolt myself out of the same thing.

  6. Fantastical and beautiful. Your paintings have such a wonderful soulful feel to them, and this one, so much larger, just radiates with sensitivity and feeling. I hope more patrons come forward to coax you to continue to paint larger. Thank you for sharing this lovely treat…and i hope your studio warms up soon. Peace.

    • Thank you. I used to mainly paint large water colors……even huge murals. I would prefer large. The tiny ones I began because they are much easier for me to handle due to my waning health. I could no longer deal with the physical demands of large paintings, framing and art shows. I will soon have a friendlier studio space so perhaps I will paint some larger pieces. Since selling my art is my living and mailing large art is complicated……I will always mostly create smaller. The other thing is that there is a more responsive market for these tiny aceos so I know that if I paint one it will sell. Necessity led me to miniatures and it took me a bit of time to master creating in a small size.

  7. Just so very wonderful.

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