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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on August 26, 2015 at 3:04 pm
watercolor aceo 8/2015

watercolor aceo 8/2015


When the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the Lakota she spoke forcefully to them of the need for respect of woman. She taught the value of women to the women themselves as well as the men.
‘The Elders say the men should look at women in a sacred way.The men should never put women down or shame them in any way. When we have problems, we should seek their counsel. We should share with them openly. A woman has intuitive thought. She has access to another system of knowledge that few men develop. She can help us understand.We must treat her in a good way.’ 
  1. She’s beautiful as is her message. I would like to purchase her and have her matted if I could? Her significance is special to me… i do hope that soon the universe begins to fill with peace… if the grandmothers have their way, it shall be so. xox

    • Thank you. This message from White Buffalo Calf Woman is very sacred for we women. You can click on ‘purchase this painting’ in the lower right hand corner. If you do not wish to bid on the painting, let me know and I will pull it and you can send me a check or use paypal. The price off eBay is $25. gretchendelrio@gmail.com

  2. This is so wonderful Gretchen. It filled up my heart.

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