White Dog Art

strong medicine

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Fox, Wild Things on August 6, 2015 at 3:35 pm
watercolor aceo 8/2015

watercolor aceo 8/2015

Speak truth in humility to all people. Only then can you be a true man…..Sioux Proverb
  1. Love this image, and the proverb

  2. Beautiful fox Gretchen!! Love his content little face 🙂 ~Sophia

  3. Just so adorable. What a lovable face. Kisses and pets, hugs and whispers…to this sweet one.

  4. Your watercolors are all so beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness. I love this. I could just kiss that face!!!!

    • Thanks. I know how you feel but I would advise against the kiss. Really…..just teasing…….Of course A wild fox might think you were trying to take a bite and give a nip in return.

  6. Just discovered your blog and just starting my watercolor journey. Your work is inspiring, thank you!

    • Inspiration is invaluable so I am glad my art can serve you that way. My production has been pretty slow since I moved to Northern California in June, but as I settle in more and more art flow will increase.

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