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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on July 17, 2015 at 3:16 pm
watercolor aceo 7/2015

watercolor aceo 7/2015

Spirit of the wolf who wanders the wild lands, stalks in silent shadows, runs and leaps between the moss-covered trees….. lend me your primal strength and the wisdom of your glowing eyes. Teach me to stand in defense of those I love. Fierce spirit walk with me in my solitude, howl with me in joy and guard me as I move through this world.
    wolf prayer
  1. Gorgeous painting Gretchen. Very peaceful. ~Sophia

  2. So beautiful. I think wolves cross over with us to guide us on our way, just as the crows, ravens and bears. I think all the animals are our Spirit Guides and we need to understand that and ask for their guidance. The faces on your animals and birds are filled with peace, understanding and so much emotion. I love all of them. You are truly magical.

    • My dear Gigi I do thank you for everything loving that you say whether you are against or for…..it’s all coming from a huge heart.
      I am painting my own emotions I guess and I know we have lost our connection with all animals. We use them for our own needs with out being aware of their sacredness. We would live a life more true if we were grateful and thank our world for everything that is given. We are one with other species but have gotten the idea that we are better.

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