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watercolor aceo 2010

watercolor aceo 2010

Animals sometimes make friends with their deadliest enemies. I wonder why? I have two cattle dogs and a big black persian mix cat. As long as the cat doesn’t run the dogs leave him alone. My dog ‘Buddha’ actually nuzzles him with affection.

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri

Buddha the Dog and his cat Hari Giri

  1. Oh, sooo sweet! Thank you for submitting this to Artists 4 Peace.

    This is perfect for our August theme. I’ll hang on to this and post it then.

    Feel free to send in as many posts as you wish, the more the merrier. 🙂

    August :Artists 4 Peace on Friendship

    Submission Deadline August 1st
    Selected Entries will be posted August 15th

    September: Artists 4 Peace Living in Harmony with Nature

    Submission Deadline September 1st
    Selected Entries will be posted September 15th

    Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to artists4peaceproject@gmail.com for consideration!

    Oh and don’t forget to display the A4P logo on your blog! We have 2 differsnt sized logos and instructions for your convenience here http://artists4peace.wordpress.com/the-artists/logo-to-display/

  2. Oh isn’t that a cute photo 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on The BeZine and commented:
    Perhaps the critter equivalent of crossing boards. Lovely!

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