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buddha bear

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Ice Bears, Wild Things on July 1, 2014 at 8:51 pm
watercolor aceo 7/2014

watercolor aceo 7/2014

I have a dog named Buddha. It seems to me as though he looks quite like a bear. He has a very expressive face and he is a stealthy fellow. Many years ago when he was disappointed with the way things were going he decided to chew up a few things. It wasn’t the all out destruction of puppies cutting teeth or boredom. In fact he usually never chewed anything. He was, however,  a casual muncher at times. The problem was the arrival of the second dog….Maus. There was one particular little book that was always on a table in the living room. He took it off the table and chewed ever so delicately around the edges. Upon discovery he was reprimanded….”NO CHEWING BOOKS.” Right then and there the book was returned to the shelf. He watched the placement out of the corner of his eye. Next day he was chewing on the same book. He had taken it off the shelf. He has done this since many times. He watches out of the corner of his eye to make sure I am not looking at him before he does something that he is not allowed like disappearing into the woods. The expression that this bear is wearing is exactly like Buddha the dog.

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Buddha the dog

Buddha the dog




  1. I think I like your Budda pup. 🙂 He’s got spirit and a mind of his own. Love Maus and Bear too.

  2. Beautiful work and beautiful pups! 🙂

  3. Ha! I really like this story about your “bear” dog. A bit of individuality and learning to live with others comes to mind. I have a friend who I get along with so well until it comes to vacuuming, which I have to do, but she hates so much as to fuss and bark and bite the darn machine. I have decided she does not like the vacuum and there is nothing I can do about it. We live together, me vacuuming and she carrying on. The painting is wonderful, Gretchen.

    • Maus loves the vacuum. Every time I run it she drops a toy right in front. Makes vacuuming difficult. I throw the toy as far away as possible. Am I a sucker for these dogs. You bet. Thanks for sharing your dog story.

  4. Love!
    Be as well as you can be, dear Gretchen. Thank you for all your beautiful art and inspiration.

    • I am doing much better. You know….you fix one thing and another falls to ruin. Such it is with aging bodies. We can only do what we can and keep on going. I am so grateful that modern medicine and a fabulous doctor fixed my heart. I guess it was time.

  5. Reblogged this on THE BARDO GROUP and commented:
    Gretchen Del Rio, the queen of spirit animal art, brings us this charming water color of Buddha the Bear and a sweet story of Buddha the Dog … Lovely!

  6. I love my animal world, to which a dog named Bear once belonged – before he returned to the big sky. I can recall during a piece of his life having the job from hell. The hell part was that home healthcare was quite new and had become a rapidly growing field. It was 1993 or so and there was a great deal of competition between companies. As a result, patients were allowed to use the on-call therapist indiscriminately, calling the on call therapist fore saline at 2:30 AM. This was an item that should have been ordered during the daytime. So, touching my Bear became the most de-stressing thing that I could do. When I laid my hand upon Bear I quite literally felt all stress leave my body.

  7. Smiles. I had a dog years ago that ate my reference book on how to read EKG’s–never did get proficient at that! Beautiful art.

    • Thank you for your comment Victoria. Your dog ultimately simplified your life…..culling out possessions…..one must see it this way I believe to keep appreciation for life and levitity.

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