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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on June 18, 2014 at 2:50 pm
watercolor aceo 6/2014

watercolor aceo 6/2014

Wolf spirit represents both freedom and community. A wolf encounter may be telling you to balance both in your own life.

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  1. Hard to combine both.Isn’t it ? Strong the words freedom and community,compelling the spirit of the wolf and the painting !!!
    Doda 🙂 xxx

  2. Sigh, so wonderful:)

  3. I’ve never seen a wild wolf, a few that were adopted. Your wolf looks like wolf thru and thru but a maternal wolf. I identify with your wolf and she’s a beauty! xx

    • It seemed to me as this creature emerged that she was weary. I feel that way about wolves. They seem to me to be as the Earth……needing a rest from wanton, disrespectful destruction.

      • Yes, there’s definitely a message she carries. I felt a sadness too, almost an asking…. Watercolor is a mystical medium but seeing the absolute insanity and immense suffering, none can assume all is well. Perhaps she is expressing her exhaustion of mankind. How I see within watercolor it’s medicine dance. There are no coincidences …

        Be well! xxx

      • Yes…so true. Aren’t we all being asked to awaken. All is not well.

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