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watercolor aceo 6/2014

watercolor aceo 6/2014

Crows and ravens are very smart and have the ability to solve complex problems. There is one of Aesop’s fables about a raven or a crow. In the story a raven wished to drink from a pitcher of water but the level of the water was too low for him to get a drink. So he commenced dropping pebbles into the pitcher until the water level had risen enough for him to drink.
If raven visits you in dream time, he may be telling you to find light in the darkness.
  1. Well, it will not surprise me then, if I dream of one. I like them because they’re highly intelligent and mystical. I do not like blackbirds, poor dears. Sort of the plainest, smallest of the black birds. Lovely painting! I like the color with the darks. Love your moons!

    • Thank you. These birds are amazing and I never tire of watching them. So smart and I wouldn’t want to disrespect a raven in any way…..no way.

      • My grandmother had a pet crow when it chose to be! 🙂 I adored it’s amazing trickery around food as a little girl! Brings a smile to recall it! One day it followed us to the kids softball game! I’ve no idea how but there it was…!

      • My friend Alice feeds the ravens and they follow her when she walks her dogs at the lake. She has named them. She recently built a feeding station that hangs off her deck because those many black beauties were dropping too much poop on the wood.

  2. Indeed, corvids are among the few ludic animals, along man and dolphin. Most intelligent, as you say, also among the few ones able to use tools. Their mythology is fascinating. Pure preciousness, Gretchen, Lovely robe and wise eyes.

    I featured this beautiful piece in my bog About Raven.


    Kind regards.

  3. Stunningly painted,dear Gretchen ! Loved the wisdom behind it and the myth in your caption.Aesop’s fables have very deep interpretations …
    Astonished by the communication between the bird and celestial body …
    Doda :-))) ,xxx

  4. I have never seen these birds as ugly and I really like how you paint them, Gretchen. That eye and that touch of warmth on his beak. Wonderful. I believe the message of light is a noble job.

    • I too think they are magnificent. They are scavengers and have carried with them through the ages tales of darkness. I think there is fear of them. In fact they are so amazing. Thank you for your beautiful comment.

      On Saturday, June 21, 2014, Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog wrote:


  5. Handsome. I love ravens and crows. Many here and interesting to observe. They are smart.

  6. You must know how much I love this picture. It’s so wonderful. Your work is amazing.
    If you have the time, please join us in artists4peace, the new blog reaching out to spread love, understanding and peace through art. The plan is (so far) to post one day a month and show art by various artists who are interested in fostering peace throughout the world.
    I would be so happy if you would share your work with us. If you decide to do so please send your art to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com Thank you so much Gretchen. We are just starting out but feel that art can change the world. One of my personal, long term goals would be to gather up all of the art and publish a book, with the proceeds going to those organizations who work for peace. The names of the organizations would be submitted by the artists and voted upon. Anyway, that’ it for now. There’s more info on my blog. Hugs and I hope all is well.

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