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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Black Bears, Wild Things on May 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm
watercolor aceo 5/2014

watercolor aceo 5/2014

The great bear will foster connection to the earth helping you to seek insights within.

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  1. He’s beautiful! Hoping your weekend was peaceful.

  2. This bear seems wise. Because of their size and the likely fear that I might feel around one, I have found it hard to connect with the bear. You have removed that sense of menace in this beautiful painting Gretchen and exposed the quiet strength and positive power of this beautiful beast. That is your skill…. removing the negative and allowing space for what is true, this act releases a great deal of previously unseen possibilities and potential; on both sides.

    • I’m so happy that has happened for you. I paint black bears who roam on my property. They are not aggressive unless they have cubs. They are both black and brown in color. The Grizzly is always brown and quite aggressive. My bears are not tame but they mind their own business. It’s healthy to have some fear around bears. They are huge and could kill you easily. Fear from the thought of a bear will definitely not serve you. Fear in their presence is smart. I am fascinated by them and have been fortunate to watch them from the safety of my cottage or deck. You are right that fear can cloud perception but then it serves you when it tells you not to walk up to a wild bear.

  3. It’s a beautiful bear,a huge wise bear paving the spiritual path that we,the ignorant human beings,will follow until we see the pure light,until we meet the divine … Your strong painting and your insightful captions managed once again to square the circle … Love the presence of the heavenly symbol …
    Love ♥♥♥ ,Doda 🙂 * xxx

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