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In Paintings in process on March 25, 2014 at 7:45 pm
pencil sketch

pencil sketch

I’m working on a memorial painting of  ‘Smokie’ the cat. ‘Smokie’ is still on the planet but he is having massive health challenges. His owner wants to remember him as he is now so that’s my plan.

  1. Looks a great sketch dear Gretchen ! I’m certain sure your painting will make ” smokie” live for ever ~~~~~♥

  2. You have the incredible ability of seeing past the superficial into the soul of the animals you paint. Smokie and he and his owner are so fortunate to have you close by to make this painting. I look forward to seeing it.-Karen.

    • Thanks Karen. I am painting Smokie from a lot of photos sent by his pet friend Karl. I will never see either Smokie or Karl but, nevertheless, a bond forms during the making of the portrait.

  3. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. stop now, you have captured the essence of cat. terrific

    • Thanks for the comment. However, Karl wants a watercolor. I am going to post progressively so don’t judge until the final shot is in. I know….I often want to stop with a sketch. There is something so simple about them.

  5. Smokie is emerging beautifully. As painter of the animal spirits, you have captured the eternal beyond.

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