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watercolor 8x10 c3/2014

watercolor 8×10 c3/2014

This is ‘Sachi.’ My favorite crazy boxer. She lived to plus 13.  She left this world in the beginning of February. Much adored.I was there with my ‘Bad Boxer.’ I still cry and it was hard to work on this portrait. I helped raise her the first three years of her life so we were close. I will forever love boxer dogs. They are so full of fun.

This portrait is for my son John and his wife Aida.

Bad Boxer  1:80   F 4.5_12


Sachi was the subject for this painting. We used to say fondly that she was evil because she was always in trouble. She was the darlin of Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, California.



  1. She is truly beautiful. I’m so sorry she’s gone. Hugs.

  2. Such sweet, soulful eyes. Dragonflies are guides of souls revisiting their families on Earth, symbols of purity and afterlife. Beautiful Sachi.

  3. Loved the paintings,loved her expressive stares,but you broke my feart tonight and your stirred up bittersweet memories … I still miss Edward …

    • I relive all my dogs and cats. I miss them all. I still have a photo that you took of Edward. I came across it the other day in my photo file. You never get over it. It just isn’t as acute. Thank you.

      On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog wrote:


  4. What an angel… I have friends who adopted boxers, and last year lost both as well. They still miss them terribly (of course). Yours is an absolutely gorgeous, sweet portrait.

  5. what a pretty girl! I know one boxer now and she’s such a loveable clown – all bounce and happiness 🙂 I can see why people love them…

    the portrait is a beautiful way to remember and honor her

  6. Oh Gretchen, this painting of your special dog, Sachi, is SO beautiful. The connection and love which flowed between you both must have been so strong. These bonds are so special, they require no words, because animals can feel what is in our hearts and the communication is so pure. It is love.Karen.

  7. Sweet thing for you to do but how difficult. I’m sorry that your family lost her but so glad you had the pleasure of her company while she lived.

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    I love Boxer art

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