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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Painted Ponies on February 19, 2014 at 12:38 pm
watercolor aceo 2/2014

watercolor aceo 2/2014

A mystical creature. Great humility.

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My heart procedure was successful this time and I am recovering. I feel like I have been given a pardon and a new life. I can walk up a hill. That was my wish. Seems small, but I haven’t been able to do that for a very long time. Finally the drugs stopped working and a more invasive approach was needed. I didn’t realize the burden I had been carrying for years until it was lifted. I am off the most debilitating drugs and, hopefully, by the end of March all of the drugs plus a new pacemaker. I am truly grateful for my gift and for all my wonderful friends on and off line and my beautiful children who put their lives on hold to help me. This just brings tears to my eyes. So much love.  Thank you all for your love and sweet words.

Many blessings,


  1. Yes!!! This is what I have been waiting to hear! I’m soooo happy!

  2. Beautiful Pegasus in his white wings, a most lovely allegory. Welcome back, Gretchen.

  3. I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE BACK AND WELL!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I missed you and your wonderful work. Seriously, WELCOME BACK. Your picture is fabulous, as always. I love horses and grew up with them. I love her wee wings? Beautiful Pegasus…magic. I will figure out how to order the picture I want. Two crows next to each other. I bet your dogs were going crazy with joy to be home with you once again. So glad you are feeling better:)

    • I have missed you also and our dialog and your wonderful posts. Hope the chickens have been well and happy. My dogs have been plastered to me since they came home last Saturday. They spent the last 10 days with my wonderful dog sitter/groomer on her horse ranch. Laura groomed them and gave them new collars before she sent them back to me. So many blessings. Yes…a painting with 2 crows. Sounds like fun. Love crows. You can email me (gretchendelrio@gmail.com) to talk about such a piece or you can just use wordpress. I am beginning work on a memorial piece for ‘Smokey’ the cat. I’m taking things slowly and enjoying every bit of my life so, as I told ‘Smokey’s human, it could take longer than usual.

  4. I’ve missed you and the beauty you create. I am so glad for your good news!!! So glad. Blessings. SeedBud

  5. I am so happy for you! This is wonderful news. Your art is stunning.

  6. I’m so glad to hear you are doing so well.Sending you much healing energy.Your paintings are beautiful. There is much healing in their beauty.

  7. what a fitting choice of image for your return to health! I’m so very happy that you’ve been given a new lease on life – may every day bring you joy 🙂 welcome back!

    • My dear Doda as always thank you for your words. My wings are getting stronger and I haven’t left the nest as yet. Still tentative in my healing. I love your information about Pegasus….new blood, yet another chapter and a new start. Much love Gretchen

    • Oh dear Sarah….I accidentally sent you my reply to Doda. Well here is yours. Modern medicine is quite something. I have always been holistic, but it seems now that I need more than my home remedies, diet and exercise. Of course these support health the same as they always have for me. It is such a joy to be active and not suffer consequences. Thank you for your wonderful support and lovely comments and your beautiful blog. Gretchen

  8. I am so delighted dear friend Gretchen to hear your good news !!!
    You couldn’t have found a better creation to announce it and I personally find it a great symbol concerning your recent health adventure.Now,you have strong wings to fly free and enjoy life !!! I’m sure you know that Pegasus is of Greek origin and means : spring=well .Lfe-giving fresh water,like the new blood that runs into your veins … Your beautiful Pegasus reminds me of some fine depictions on Ancient Greek amphorae exhibited in our museums.Besides,the winged horse was an emblem of inspiration !!!
    Thank you dear friend for the good news and your striking painting !!!

    • My dear Doda as always thank you for your words. My wings are getting stronger and I haven’t left the nest as yet. Still tentative in my healing. I love your information about Pegasus….new blood, yet another chapter and a new start. Much love Gretchen

      • Thank you dear Gretchen for appreciating my Pegasus connections and for all the inspiring paintings you share with us !
        Feel so glad you are about to leave your warm nest and spread again your wings wideopen to fly high above the world ✿ ✿ ✿ big hugs ✿ ✿ ✿

  9. Before reading your words under the pegasus, I saw a painting that couldn’t have looked
    more alive! I celebrate with you my dearest friend.
    love Barbara

  10. YAY!!!!! So excited to see your new post and hear that you are doing so well!! My heart literally jumped with joy to see this!!! So happy for you! Welcome back! LOVE PEGASUS, Too! I’ve missed your beautiful paintings and your words of wisdom. You continue to be such an inspiration!! So glad you are painting again and walking UP hills!!!! Climb on! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you, Bren, for all your kind messages. This is all such a process but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I have missed painting and for so long. I really love our conversations about watercolor painting. It is just an ongoing project….and like anything, practice can by the joy of the journey.

  11. Love your paintings. They are always so beautiful…. Have a great weekend!! ~Sophia

  12. Oh Gretchen, I had no idea. I am glad I find out at the end, so that the fear of what was ahead of you, is now behind you. A new life. I say that quite often myself. I am so happy that you are well & on your way to becoming even better. This horse painting is stunning. ~amy

    • Thanks Amy. We never know what life will bring…do we?

      • No. Please read the wonderful comments written to me on the post, “weekly photo challenges: threes” it is the one with the flowers. I did another, but its the flowers that brought the most comments about strength. I think you would like to hear the inspiring words written by so many that have suffered & lived to tell the tale. I’ve missed you & seeing your work. ~amy

      • Thanks Amy. The comments are wonderful. I can relate to having a shot at wellness and the fear that it will disappear. That is possible, but little by little I am able to hold that I really do have a shot at leading a new life. And who will I be with a heart that works like it is supposed to work. Chronic illness can be a gift…..one in disguise. I had to bite the bullet and accept so much assistance from those around me. It really taught me to receive like never before. I think the most important gift from long illnesses is to practice gratitude through the trials. Of course there are so many times that gratitude seems to have flown the coop. But that’s alright because it shows up again and then life has joy. Much love Gretchen

  13. What a wonderful vision of Pegasus to go along with great news! Just keep feeling better and better, Gretchen. I like the idea of you having been helped to the point of not having to take so many drugs.

  14. You recently like one of my post, it was as a result of the wonderful Amy of 2me4art reblogging my posts. I always visit the blogs of people who have liked my stuff and thank goodness I did, because it seems I have dropped in at a truly auspicious time for you. I am so sorry to hear that you have struggled through such a difficult time. Having recently had surgery which went wrong and being wheelchair bound, I too know how difficult it can feel to ask for help. I did not, so very few people knew about it. But I realised afterwards that people WANTED to help and I deprived them of that chance. I love ‘Pegagsus’ and love your watercolour style. I am going to follow you because I want to be around to see what amazing things you are going to do next with this new and amazing gift of life without so much pain and drugs and with more freedom to breathe and move. Nice to meet you Gretchen.-Karen.

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