White Dog Art

star bright

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Zenkats on December 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm
watercolor aceo c12/2013

watercolor aceo c12/2013

I could take down that star but…….they wouldn’t like that and they might not give me that little felt mouse stuffed with catnip. Decisions…….



  1. I love this cat. He has a lot of personality and character. Very fun and charming work.

    • Thanks Gigi. Cats have split personalities. Cuddly cute……… and then there is the tooth and fang rendition. I think this one is midway between. Claws haven’t appeared yet.

  2. Ah, kitty’s wisdom …

  3. Priceless. I could watch this cat, watching, and enjoy the moment.

  4. The expression on his face is just perfect.

    • I would describe myself as a ‘dog person’ but I always have a home cat who has chosen me. They come to my door and ask for a handout…..like the space and decide to stay. ‘Puddy’ allowed me to be her person for 22 years. Another used to sleep on my art table casting his angora fur into my wet paint. There are so many works hanging on people’s walls that still have cat hair glued to the surface. So…even though I am a dog lover….cats are also my profound teachers.

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