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ponderosa wolf

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This wolf dog lives near me. His name is ‘Wolf’ and he is quite old, blind, and deaf. Still he begs for a walk and is very good natured. He is a good boy.  His humans love him very much. This painting blesses “Wolf’ and his family. The symbols on the medicine shield are the sun for happiness, the shaman’s eye and the wolf print. The  amulet holds the eye of God. Enjoy the progressive.



'WOLF' 1 300


'WOLF' 300 2


'WOLF'3 300





giclee prints of wolf are available on my web site

  1. You captured his grace and beauty perfectly. I have goosebumps from looking at your first sketch. That touched me so deeply. That sketch is wonderful. What a truly lovely wolf/dog.

    • Thank you. Since he is totally blind his eyes are clouded completely. His human requested that I restore his beautiful eyes in the painting. He is a rescue from the streets. Lucky boy.

  2. Breathtaking in beauty and spirituality. Precious He.

  3. Lucky indeed for a wolf-hybrid to be rescued! Good to know that he will pass “an old man and full of days.” You convey his happiness and good-natured spirit. I love that you included the shaman’s eye and the eye of the divine for seeing beyond sight.

  4. Thank you. Symbols in paintings convey blessings and I like that especially in a commission

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful soul he must be! Happy Thanksgiving, Gretchen!

  6. Thanks, Leslie. He is has adapted so well to becoming blind and deaf. Inspiring.

  7. I am revisiting this lovely creation because it brought fond memories. I rescued years ago from the road a blind and deaf white senior dog, hit by a car and left to die in the middle of a busy avenue, on scorching asphalt. He spent with us the happiest last two years of his life and died in peace. I am very touched to see this handsome wolf dog gentleman enjoying his life in full and seeing through your precious, mistical art. Very special to me, Gretchen.

  8. My beutiful Buffy dog is blind and so I understand the phrase seeing beyond sight. Like Wolf she is cherished. They are both blessed. Thank you for sharing. I feel enriched!

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