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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Two Spirits, Wild Things on November 11, 2013 at 2:36 pm

I created this painting based on one of my previous watercolors ‘Spirit of the Unicorn’ and a vision from Mijanou who is one of the women making possible the gathering of the grandmothers. Below are some of the steps in the creating process.

'SACRED BUFFALO'300 sketch

You will see that I changed the legs in the actual painting.


I like to stretch my paper with a staple gun because I use so much water that taped paper comes unglued. It is a little tricky removing the staples but I have never yet slipped and ruined a painting. In addition buyers like to see the staple holes along the edges. It’s a glimpse into the process.


I lapsed a bit and didn’t scan any more of the progress or at least I can’t find the shots. Too bad because there is a lot that happened before the final painting emerged.

'SACRED BUFFALO'300The shield was a last minute thought. The painting needed to be balanced. I just keep adding color until it feels done. Of course with watercolor it is important not to mess around too much. Once the paint is down it’s permanent but there are corrective measures that one can take such as over glazing. I really like to finish without taking corrective measures. It is better to go with the flow rather have a fixed idea in your mind of how the painting should look. It is more fun that way. Please no square pegs into round holes. I love it at the last when you add darks that make the painting pop.

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  1. Wow, Gretchen! To see a glimpse of the process is wonderful. Are you selling prints of this one?

    • Yes. Just click on ‘purchase this painting or prints’ on the bottom right at the very end of the post. That will let you see what’s available. Glad you enjoyed the painting.

  2. Always interesting to see your process! Although acrylics are very forgiving, your words are nevertheless applicable to me and wise.

  3. Very touching, Gretchen. Beautiful work for a beautiful project. Seeing a work in progress is always inspiring.

  4. Beautiful painting …beautiful inspiration for such a meaningful group! Wow!
    Love getting a glimpse into your painting process…. just wonderful! xo!

  5. Thank you for showing the steps from drawing to finished painting. Beautiful movement and composition in this.

  6. Beautiful work…I too am inspired. Thank you.

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