White Dog Art

little fox

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on October 31, 2013 at 2:40 pm
watercolor aceo 10/2013

watercolor aceo 10/2013

Foxes can easily camouflage themselves in the frost colored leaves of autumn.

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  1. They do!. Thank you for this lovely red beauty, Gretchen. Very sweet and knowing. She will be friends with the one I saw turning into fiery foliage. Autumnal preciousness ♥

  2. such a kind-hearted fox. no sly here…!

  3. Ah, a splendid little fox! Puffed up in winter coat and in a bed of leaves…but still with a wary and clever eye. The fox-spirit speaks on paper!

  4. Smiling again! And, feeling inspired. The eyes match the picture of what I want to see in my main characters eyes for the book I’m writing this month.

  5. The eyes are wonderful…these little guys just blend right in. Very Nice.

  6. A bit of subtle glee in this ones eyes. I think he’s happy to put one over on us, bleding with the leaves so we don’t see him. He makes me smile.

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