White Dog Art


In Uncategorized on October 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm

This is ‘Gypsy’ the wonderful cat of Jamie Dede’s family. I did a triptych of her not too long ago. She seems to be somewhat of a character. As agreed the images of Gypsy lean toward mexican/Santa Fe. This is the progress one of the poses. You can see more of Gypsy as well as many other animal related photos, videos and stories on Jamie’s web site The Cat’s Meow.


'GYPSY 2' 300 'GYPSY 2'300 B 'GYPSY 2'300 C 'GYPSY 2' 300 D 'GYPSY' 2 300 E



  1. how cool to get to see the transition from sketch to finished painting! 🙂 thanks for sharing that!

  2. It is beautiful to see the evolution of a painting. The sketch itself is precious!. Lovely kitty –quite an enrobed character!.

  3. always love it when you share your process!

  4. She’s gorgeous! I love the bare sketch, too. I am a fan of working sketches. Gypsy’s intensity is there right from the start, softened a little in the final version, I’d say; and the vibrant serape complements her perfectly!

  5. Thanks Camilla. Yes this cat does possess an intensity.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I love your paintings! It is so fun to watch the progression and see the painting come to life! Love the drawings as well… you always inspire me!

  7. Wow! Thankyou for showing your progression. I so enjoy seeing an artist’s “dance”, so to speak. Jamie’s cat is gorgeous. I really like the colorful blanket, also, Gretchen.

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