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hungry owl

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Owls, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on October 16, 2013 at 3:02 pm
watercolor aceo 10/2013

watercolor aceo 10/2013

I have painted this in tribute to the ‘Hungry Owl Project.’ Carmen Mandel posted this most informative article/video/images on her wonderful blog ‘For a Better Earth.’ Carmen takes great care in alerting us to what’s going in the animal/bird world. I recommend visiting this link to ‘The Hungry Owl Project’ post by Carmen.


  1. I am honoured, thrilled and most grateful. Thank you for bringing much kindness to the Earth though the spirit in your precious paintings. This lovely Barn Owl is just splendid!. Thank you for sharing my post ♥

  2. Beautiful you, of silent flight in golden wings. You have a cosy home now with food aplenty for your babies. Come back from endangerment because the Earth needs you.

  3. Beautiful, Gretchen! Such an alert expression! I like her moon-disc, power of the Night Huntress.

  4. Another beautiful creation. I will definitely visit this website as birds are very near and dear to my heart. xx

  5. You might appreciate I collect owl pellets because of all they offer in terms of the bones, etc. My Owl posts on the highest beam in the hay barn every night along with her babes and seems, her partner too, at times. It’s a weird collection but am planning on creating some sort of collage piece with all those little teeny bones and skulls and baby’s feathers. 🙂

    • This should make an interesting work. I think it is amazing that owls dispose of their waste in this way. No messy bird poop for them. I once collected desicated frogs who had died on the dirt road to my house. It was mating season and there were thousands of them. The noise of their mating calls was deafening. It happened every December. I actually never did anything with the frog bodies and, after a period of time, It was too macabre for me to have them sitting around. So I returned them to nature.

  6. I like how you painted this, Gretchen. I know the owls are out there in our woodsy areas, mostly, here. I am amazed when I see them and consider that sighting a gift. They blend in so well with their environment. I think you handled that camouflaging really well, this piece with the similar colored background and the sideview! …I can imagine him just about to rotate his head and stare at me with that all knowing gaze they are known for.

    • Thanks Leslie. I rarely see an owl. The tree foliage is so dense. I do hear them especially around my house. I know what you mean about the owl’s head turning. Nice way of seeing the painting.

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