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sacred buffalo

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on October 2, 2013 at 2:49 pm
watercolor aceo 10/2013

watercolor aceo 10/2013

The Sacred White Buffalo brought the peace pipe to the tribes and offered her teachings.

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  1. Beautiful and sentient. If only White Man would have listened …

  2. Looks beautiful! I love the soft washes

  3. remembering White Buffalo Woman…..

  4. Thank you, Gretchen. A beautiful story/legend and a beautiful painting, through which it tells itself again, to us.

    • I do believe that the time of the white buffalo calf has returned.

      • Time, as you say, for the white man to listen. The spirit and Voice of your paintings and of all our creative efforts are urgently needed, then, for art is the form and language of the unseen.

      • There is presently a conclave of indigenous women forming. I am getting it together to post. I’m very interested and I have been asked to paint the white buffalo calf and the women. I think that this will be the day to post the information and the beginnings of the painting.

  5. Beautiful! Love how the colors just flow..and sing…. 🙂

  6. Beautiful color. Soft and atmospheric. The Quest for the West exhibit and sale ends this weekend at The Eiteljorg Museum of Western and Native American Art here in Indianapolis. I took an art group I lead to see it on Thursday and was lucky enough to attend a curator’s tour the night before. Wow! I am continually inspired by the spiritual content of much of this art. Made me think of you and your meaningful and thoughtful work.

    • Thank you Linda. I think that when you are dealing with native american material that, given it’s spiritual nature, you would also be inclined to paint with an inner purpose. What I mean to say is that you would join with that energy.

  7. Beautiful lost and found edges in this, Gretchen.

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