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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on September 30, 2013 at 2:36 pm
watercolor aceo 2010

watercolor aceo 2010

I think ‘Petey’ has flown from his home cage out into the world. He is sitting on a street sign wondering just what to make of the wild blue yonder.

I painted this quite awhile back and found ‘Petey’ (formerly known as ‘Prince Charles’) lurking in the recesses of my art stuff.  So, I renamed him and have relisted the aceo. Interesting to see how the style of this one is quite different than today’s paintings.

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  1. I love the ruffled feathers and look of wide-eyed astonishment.

  2. Beautiful floral background for his lovely feathers. A very expressive face he has. Indeed, this style is different than that of your current paintings, but wonderful none the less.

  3. I see strong influences in your work, today, coming from this of yesteryears. You have the flow and feel of the soul in the bird but it is distinctly separated from the environment or background. Now, I see you picture the soul of “everything” in your work moving easily through barriers and melding the figure as part and portion of the environment it is in, making them one and connecting the story. Thankyou for letting us peer back with you, Gretchen.

  4. Gretchen, I love this little guy. The IMA is opening a big Matisse exhibit this weekend. Pretty Bird reminds me of Matisse and his love of color, design and patterns. Well done!

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