White Dog Art


In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on September 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm
watercolor aceo 9/2013

watercolor aceo 9/2013

He has changed his clothes and is sporting a fresh set of winter whites. This makes him quite invisible in the snow. Better not run though. In the summer he wears brown which will serve as camouflage for the warm season.


  1. Your rabbits aren’t merely “cute,” they all have a look of secret wisdom, a look of the wild being. Lovely!

  2. Adorable you of dark eartips in all wintry softness.

  3. Oh… I really love this rabbit!! The colors are beautiful surrounding his white fur! I just want to cuddle him!! Amazing! Do you mix your own colors? They are always so soft…. I am in awe once again!!

    • Thank you, Bren. Yes I mix my own colors. I often use a tiny bit of burnt umber to mute the mix. I also let the wet paints mix on the paper and overpaint with a wash. I use mostly transparent paints……. colbalt blue, rose madder genuine, aureolin yellow. If you are teaching yourself the art as I have done and am still doing check out this book.
      ‘Making Color Sing’ by Jeanne Dobie.

  4. Thank you! I will! Yes I am teaching myself daily…watercolor is new for me and I find myself just experimenting with colors to try and find a blend that is appealing… it is so exciting when the colors mix in just the right way. Thank you for the tip as well…. I love the way you mute the colors…so pleasing! I received the om bear in the mail and it is truly beautiful! It is now sitting above my art table bringing me lots of inspiration!! Happy painting…. 🙂

    • May I ask what you use for your blacks? I have been using sepia and sometimes ink but I like to paint for children’s rooms and I would like it to be softer. I love your grays…as they transition away from the black, just beautiful!! Thank you for the burnt umber suggestion! Can’t wait to try it!!
      Thank you for all your advice!

      • I mix 2 transparent colors…Winsor Green and Alizarin Crimson. Experiment with the ratios. You will find that the colors separate creating lovely effects. Tube black is dense and I think dead compared to this mix. My grays come out of this mix. Another combination I use is ??? I can’t recall this formula but since I need more I am going to my memory banks and see what comes up. I will let you know when I can recall. Might be winsor blue and indian red or maybe cad red. I do like sepia but use it rarely. I let my black mix dry (very thick mix) into a cake inside a contact lens case. I also add some gum arabic to the mix. That makes for interesting flow. Have fun. Oh……best not to use more than one opaque pigment in a mix. It can get muddy with opaques.

      • Winsor blue and cadmium orange…….black. Tends to bleed blue depending on your ratio. Have a great painting day!

    • Glad you like Om Bear. My bear hasn’t revisited….at least not during the day and soon enough he will be asleep for winter.

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