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fly me a hawk

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Hawks, Things with Feathers, Wild Things on September 23, 2013 at 2:15 pm
watercolor aceo c9/2013

watercolor aceo c9/2013

Fly me a hawk so that I may feel the wind beneath my wings.

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  1. Intense and beautiful, those eyes are gems in a cinamonn sea. I love the poetic line that makes this beauty just take off.

  2. Spectacular, Gretchen! I love the colors and (as usual) how you use the negative space to imply the form. Love this one!

    • Thank you as always. I feel that the negative lends itself to the mystical. Nothing closed in…..infinite in nature. Or….maybe I am too lazy to finish the painting?

      • Ha! Funny, but I think the former is more accurate! Our brains are hardwired to FILL IN blank space, to try to make sense of things quickly. So to SEE negative space is an exercise of the mind outside of our typical rational/analytical capacity, I think. And for the viewer, then, perhaps it does convey a sense of the reality of the unseen. I must try to remember that as I gear up for my next project. Your work inspires.

      • I look forward to seeing of your art……which I love……a lot of energy and spirit.

  3. Freedom in such dignity. Like much.

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