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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wolves on September 17, 2013 at 1:45 pm
watercolor aceo 9/2013

watercolor aceo 9/2013

Food is plentiful. Animals fattened in readiness for the coming cold. Wolf will be fattening up himself for the journey into winter.


  1. looks like his soul will be nourished, too.

    • Thanks for your comment Jude. I wonder just how the season change is perceived in the wolf or coyote. I would think that the move through the seasons is instinctual since they are not run by fear as with the human brain. Perhaps there is a natural exhilaration breathing in the newly arrived cold air. And a soul norishment.

  2. Such a happy look, like he is about to burst into raucous play. I love to see adult animals (humans included) do this, and especially wild animals whose existence is tenuous and dire so much of the time. The moments of abandon are wonderful to observe. Your wolf looks on the verge of such a moment!

    • Yes I know what you are talking about. A moment of wild abandon during a time that our judging mind would tell us to Think. I vote for the wild abandon trumping worry and fear. Actually that is just for us because I do not think that animals have the type of fear that just grinds away. I think that their fear is in the moment.

      • I agree! And I have read that this is often true in cultures that never came to practice agriculture, where long-term planning for food acquisition and storage aren’t part of the picture. The type of fear we practice now is learned. And to what absurd heights we’ve taken that fear of scarcity!

      • Too bad that fear rules. It robs us of life.

  3. … and he looks grateful. All your spirit animals seem to be smiling, Gretchen. Love that. 🙂

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