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hunting vole

In Art Watercolor Gallery, Coyote, Wild Things on September 12, 2013 at 3:23 pm
watercolor aceo 9/2013

watercolor aceo 9/2013

Coyotes are adept at the art of hunting small prey. They dig them out and dispatch them quickly.


  1. This is Coyote! Your point is another reason that urban populations should be happy to learn to co-exist with these marvelous, adaptable opportunists. They are the best way to control overpopulation of city rats. Your coyotes are wondrous! I am so delighted that you are inspired by them, as I am! I hope they’ll continue to speak to you, so I can see more of this lovely work!

    Last night I watched “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” a documentary about the Chauvet cave paintings in France, the oldest ever discovered. These paintings had such deceptively simple lines, yet there was a spirit in them, and particularly in the eyes of their animal subjects, that seemed to defy human artifice. In this respect they brought to mind your watercolors–the transcendent spirit in the eyes….

    • Thank you, Camilla, for your generous comment. That documentary was beautiful and inspiring and I too love the cave drawings. So simple and not at all contrived. What they did with simple tools. But then the art came from their heart.

  2. Beautiful expression!. Love you effortless lines and earth colours, which blend into a higher plane to bring the spirit’s glitter to their eyes.

  3. I hear them each early early morning and there’s a real horde of them. i think i’ll invite them to jump over the deer fence and have a feast…sigh, i am being eaten out of house and garden. xxx and lovely painting, i’ve been enjoying your faces. he looks quite happy, almost serene. 🙂

  4. Thank you. Well a mob of coyotes would definitely deal with your garden deer but I would fear for your plants. Might be just as bad as the deer. I was just watching the dogs dig out a gopher. Well….they tried with just as much intensity as this yote has in his quest. The hunt failed, however, as they are more than likely to do. The odds are for the ground varmit otherwise the predators would fatten.

  5. And this little guy is intent on the task at hand. Meditative and focused. A lesson.

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