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In Art Watercolor Gallery, Wild Things on September 9, 2013 at 1:39 pm
watercolor aceo 9/2013

watercolor aceo 9/2013

I had another bear visitation at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. They rarely appear at this time of day. I think he was young and didn’t know the rules. He stayed for almost an hour…..standing up and scratching himself against the trees and just prowling around. He was particularly interested in my neighbor’s dog house. The dog in question, needless to say, had beaten a hurried retreat beneath the car. My deck is two stories up with no ground access so I just sat and watched the show.

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  1. Beautiful visitor, it must be a breathtaking view!.

  2. Marvelous! Your bear has a young, even naive look about him. People speak of the wisdom of age, and it is true, but there is also a wisdom of youth, often overlooked. The desire to flout rules and norms being an attribute thereof. Great story and painting!

  3. Yes. There is a learning period that is exciting and hopefully won’t get you killed

  4. Your paintings are amazing! I have always loved to draw and attept to paint…. But feared watercolor! When I first saw your work I fell in love with your ability to capture the soul and personality of each animal! Your painting technique is so beautiful and soft yet perfectly captures the strong sense of spirit in each subjecf!! Thank you for sharing your talent with of us!! Thank you for inspiring me to paint with watercolor!!!

  5. Thank you for your comment. I’m happy that you enjoy my art. Watercolor is a great teacher. You cannot labor over because once paint is on the paper you must keep on going and going back is definitely not an option. What it is! Go with your gut. Go with your heart. Just do watercolor and it could just teach you to live more spontaneously.

    • Yes! I totally agree that watercolor is a good teacher! Thank you for the great advice! I do find that when I just paint from the heart, from a feeling….rather than trying to overwork it, my results are more pleasing to the eye. However, I feel like I have learned so much from viewing your paintings! I am in awe each day! I so look forward to your blog and just purchased my first ACEO! Do you always paint so small?

      • I am touched that my work has inspired you to paint. I started painting small due to being unwell. The cards were easy to handle. I find that I am most likely to begin and end a miniature in the one sitting. I have gotten so familiar with the size. I think that it is difficult to switch size because everything changes. I am starting to do some larger commission work and it is a challenge for sure. I used to paint entire walls with murals and I always preferred large. I like your bunny.

      • Hi Gretchen! I received ‘om bear’ and ‘deliverence”in the mail and I am speechless! They are even more beautiful in person!! I am so in awe of the details, the colors and they are so little! I just love it!!! Thrilled by your lovely note, as well! I don’t know where to begin to ask questions! lol…but I’m sure I can think of several!

        I lost my younger brother to cancer and we always shared a love of music and art. One of our favorite songs was “Rain King” by the Counting crows and in a strange way, I saw black birds frequently after he died…ravens… as if he were trying to tell me that he was ok…so they have a very special meaning for me. You capture them so perfectly…thank you. I love to paint animals,too. But, I admire how you always tell a story in their eyes or expression. This is truly what I’dl ike to do as well….what a wonderful mentor from a far! Bless you!

  6. A lovely experience. Tickled by his third-eye.

  7. Thanks, Jamie. I think he is a young bear and this is a sign of wisdom to be discovered.

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