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flower faerie

In Art Watercolor Gallery on August 21, 2013 at 1:42 pm
watercolor 2 x 3

watercolor 2 x 3

I paint faeries for one of my granddaughters. This is the latest for her birthday. I also write a little story for her.

‘The Flower Faerie’

At night she and her sisters fly around in your garden spreading the scent of sweet jasmine and honeysuckle. They bless each and every flower so that you may love them in the morning. Now don’t most love flowers? I think only a very few cranky people could say that they don’t like flowers. If you are ever in a garden where honeysuckle or night jasmine grow, you will smell the sweet scent of the flower faerie.







  1. How sweet is that!? Love it! Anytime an adult can help to feed a child’s imagination is a blessing I think. 🙂

  2. Oh what a lucky little one she is to have you. I’ll never see (or smell) honeysuckle or night jasmine the same way again. thank you.

  3. Lucky girls! I love her big, nocturnal eyes and how she is looking around, aware, like a true night-being.

    • I love stories about the wee folk. A mountain man in North Carolina told me to place feathers around my garden to encourage faeries to come. I have never seen one, but he did. I do always collect and stick feathers in the ground and in the trees.

  4. What a lovely thing to do for your granddaughters, Gretchen. This fairy looks savvy and like she might be an artist too.

  5. well, I was going to comment on the good fortune of your granddaughter, but looks like many have already beat me to it!

  6. You are a “way cool” Grandma!

  7. Lovely, Gretchen, and a wonderful gift to your granddaughter.

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